Sunday, December 14, 2008

A note to western ladies

Dear Western Women,

Welcome to Malaysia, or any other non western country, for that matter. I know it is damn cold where you live right now, and so I, like you, have flown east (or west) to avoid the winter.

I recognize that in your home countries suffrage and equal rights under the law were battles that were hard fought, and in some cases, still being fought. I also recognize that as young women in your prime, you want to show off your beautiful bodies, while they are still wrinkle and gravity free.

However, you are not at home, you are in a foreign country, a Muslim one at that (even if it is much more liberal than say, Saudi Arabia).

Thus, if you get on the metro, and you notice that you're the only woman wearing tiny shorts and a tank-top, perhaps it should be a clue that you're not appropriately dressed.

Please put something on -- at the very least, cover your shoulders.

Honestly -- with George Bush, Baywatch and the crap that Hollywood exports to go on, it's not surprising to think that most people in the world think that Americans are stupid, fat, and promiscuous. Dressing the way you do only further encourages such false impressions, of Americans, and Westerners in general.


A fellow traveler

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