Thursday, December 18, 2008


The airplane tickets took a good amount of time to buy, and even then, I was lucky.

Lion Air's website refused to take my foreign credit cards, and so I had to head out to their office. There were a good 15 people in front of me, but somehow, I got called ahead of most of them -- mainly, due to the language issues. Most people here seem to only speak a few words of english, and so a bigwig from the office upstairs was called down to help me out. Lucky me.

On the way back, I spotted a fancy looking supermarket -- and somehow managed to spend $40 there, nearly as much as my airplane ticket tomorrow. I've done the beach/island thing before, and so I know what to stock up on: Candles, lighters, honey, chocolate, peanut butter, and mosquito repellent.

With the 10 dark chocolate/cashew bars that I purchased at the supermarket as well as the condoms and tampons that I brought from the states, I'm going to be in a -very- good position to trade with any other westerners that I meet. Is it wrong to sell condoms to a bunch of horny drunken western tourists at exorbitant prices? Nah... it's just creative business.

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Chris F said...

Thanks for traveling again. I enjoy your travel blogs. Ha!