Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Last night, i picked up 2 SIM cards... one from XL and one from Telekomsel.

XL charged 5 rupee per second of data, while telekomsel charged 100,000 rupee ($10USD) for either 24 hours worth of data, or 300mb....

I thought it was the best deal I'd get.

Well, at the Ambassador Mall today, less than 2 minutes after i'd put the $10USD on my telekomsel card, I saw an advertisement for a third company, indosat.

Telekomsel only offered 3G data (UMTS speed), whereas indosat offers 3.5G (HSDPA), which is considerably faster. Plus, for that same 100,000 rupees per month, indosat gives you unlimited bandwidth... however, after you go past 2GB downloads for the month, they cut your speed down to dialup.

So.. I bought yet another sim card.. the guy at the store, who spoke english set the thing up...and so now I'm writing this blog post, from the back-seat of the taxi en-route to the airport. Isn't technology grand?

$10 per month, 2gb of data, no contracts, prepaid service...and high speed access. Why can't we get this in the states?

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