Friday, January 4, 2008

Food Poisoning

Cause it wouldn't be a real trip to the developing world without losing control of your bowels....

I've been getting a bit tired of rice and beans, and so yesterday, I decided to take the day off. No rice and beans.

Instead, the plan was to, for 24 hours, live on beer, rum, coconut bread, coconut water, and coconut flesh.

This was helped by the fact that the weather has been absolutely crap for the last 2 days - non stop rain, wind, etc. No swimming, no snorkeling. My new diet fit in perfectly with my lack of interest in hauling my ass over to the restaurant to get some more rice and beans.

By about 11PM, my stomach wasn't happy with me..

Today, it's no better. Although, my diet today has consisted of mainly rice, beans and beer.

I've spent the last two hours in this Internet cafe, bottom cheeks clenched, and doing my best to suppress any physical desire to fart.

The 24 hour journey home on Sunday (4 flights) should be loads of fun.

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