Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reggae Skills

For a while as an undergrad, I had a roots reggae show on the college radio station. Much to the amusement of my friends and listeners, I'd often put on a fake jamaican accent when speaking on the air. Years later, the ability to parse and emulate thick patois is finally coming in handy.

The english speakers here actually converse in a dense form of creole. The many evenings I spent carefully trying to figure out what the hell people were saying in my favourite reggae songs is paying off - in that I can usually understand what people are saying. Best of all, I can respond back in my silly faux accent without anyone giving me a second look.

Things are settling in nicely now. I've finished one of my eight books, thanks to several hard hours spent relaxing in my hammock. My laundry line is currently heavy with dripping, freshly washed clothes, and I'm starting to acquire machette skills - I ate 4 coconuts in the space of about 30 mins, all chopped open/mauled with my own hands.

I think I'm finally catching up on the sleep I missed last week (4 days with barely a wink during exam week). I slept 14 hours last night!

I'll be taking it super easy from now on. Just reading, swimming, and relaxin.

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